Tuesday, November 11, 2008

what's up?

i'm up to my neck with work so i haven't had the chance to post any updates lately :(

will try to post something soon!

in the meantime, if you're up for some awesome FREE classes/workshops (there's 22 in all!), challenges, fun and games, drop by the Bad Girls message boards between the 14th and 23rd of November. I'm sure there'll be lots to learn!

i am so looking forward to this! i've been itching to scrap for the longest time now!


Colleen said...

You are too busy to scrap, now that is something different. :)) Don't let work get in the way too much.

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl !! How ya been ? Im finally blogging regularly again , i will check out the classes today, yesterday i was so busy i couldnt, sigh ..... lol ...... Have a great weekend :)


marking said...

Hi Christine, sounds interesting. Will check it out.