Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Saturday Mini Crop

HAHA! that 'mini' in the title is kind of like an overstatement! Only a few SE girls (myself included) were able to work on some pages; I think the mini crop at at Nette's (MLA/Scrapbooks Hawaii) was more like an excuse to shop!!! HAHAHA!!! Girls spent most of the day milling around the scrappy stuff on display. Lots of bargain finds! Got myself a set of FP 12x12 stamps at 40% off! Gotta love that! I picked up a few things here and there as well. Oh, but it was a fun opportunity to see and chat with some friends! Oh and YAY! I won a set of Inque Boutique stamps which Nette raffled off!! Yum!

Thanks to Cabbie, Donna, and Candy, for the wonderful demos! Here I snapped up a photo from Cabbie's blog (because I can see myself behind her! HAHA!)


cabbie lopez said...

hi christine, thanks for dropping by very often.. sure youre welcome to grab the photo! yeah, starring ka dun.. ganda ng expression mo yun concentrated talaga sa silent movie ko hahahaha. anyway, hope to see u again soon.


Catherine said...

Seems like you guys had so much fun.